Ruth 1:16


K- This is such an amazing reminder for me every day that my very first priority should always be Dean and our marriage. His job quite literally asks me to follow him everywhere and I think that would be really difficult if he wasn’t so considerate of this. Every time we are faced with a new location he is always trying to make sure that I think its the right move for us and if we will be happy there. Moving comes with its own struggle and being far from the people we love is so heartbreaking sometimes because you miss out on birthdays and holidays and the little things that provide you with lifelong memories. So sometimes its hard to consider places that will make you miss out on those memories. Its a huge blessing to have a spouse who understands this and I’m grateful that Dean is so accommodating. Its also much easier to choose this lifestyle because of how much Dean loves his job, and whenever I get frustrated with it I come back to this verse in Ruth and I’m reminded that every time I put my husband first God truly blesses our path.


“The Baby”

Let us introduce you to our English Lab Luna, or “The Baby”.


K- When we got married and Dean decided to join the Coast Guard I told him I would follow him around the country on one condition, I would always need a dog. We moved to our first station and ten days later Dean took me to a farm 45 minutes into the middle of nowhere and there she was! In all her squirmy, floppy glory. I honestly don’t have a clue what I would do without her. She will steal a kitchen towel and make you chase her around the house 12 times in a row making you want to pull your hair out, but one look at her snoring upside down next to me in bed filling Deans spot when he’s gone reminds me how grateful I am for that sweet face every day!

Holly Springs, NC


I have had the privilege of working at this incredibly unique coffee and gift shop and I will be the first to tell you that this is one of the best hidden treasures in North Carolina. The coffee is sensational and the selection of gifts and home decor is what gives this shop its southern charm. Family owned, this shop grows every day by making their customers feel like just that, Family. Tell them the Burtons sent you and I promise you will receive a warm welcome.

Kathleens Picks: Coffee- The Charleston ,and if your lucky enough to go during the fall a Dirty Pumpkin Chai Latte. Home Decor- Chewbeads (for all you mommas out there) Mugs, and Monograms on almost anything in the store.

Deans Picks: Lavendar Lemonade

The Mason Jar Tavern

Another local gem is actually owned by our great friends Johnny and Maggie Pierce. The Mason Jar strives to be the place “Where your jar is always full”, and I gotta tell you guys our Jars are overflowing every time we visit. We tell them every time but we are constantly impressed at how they make us feel right at home. The servers are friendly, the live music is entertaining and everything comes in a mason jar which is SO cute. Not only is their food great but owner Johnny Pierce has a passion for craft beer and it truly shows with the wide selection behind the bar.

Kathleens Picks: Start with a Strawberry Mint Moonshine.  Appetizer- Buffalo chicken eggrolls. Entree- Turkey Delicious Melt (on a GF bun) or the Pesto Chicken Pasta (with GF noodles).

Deans Picks: Start with a Blood orange margarita. Appetizer- Asian Lettuce Wraps. Entree- Pork Tenderloin or the Brisket Sliders. Dessert- Smore in a Jar****

( Blood Orange Margarita )


Vintage Church (Downtown Raleigh)

Every time we have visited our friends in North Carolina we have come to Vintage. When we moved here we jumped right back in and it fit like a glove. Incredible worship, great messages, and friendly people in church every sunday. If you need a home church then this is an amazing place to dive in to.

Cohasset, MA

Burtons Grille

Ironically our favorite spot by far when we were stationed in Massachusetts was a Grille with our last name in the title. I won’t lie when I say this made us feel a bit at home as soon as we got there. I think the funniest part was how much Dean enjoyed calling and making a reservation “two for Burton please”. This just never got old for him. We really enjoyed the atmosphere at this local spot and were always impressed with the service. Great food and even better cocktails made this our top pick for date night.

Deans Picks: Ceasar salad, Steak Frites, and any seasonal Drinks (Harvest Sangria was our favorite)

Kathleens Picks: Ceasar salad followed by the Farmers market rigatoni

The Snug

This Irish pub was by far one of our favorite places to eat any night of the week. We discovered this place at a local food festival and discovered they had the most AMAZING steak tips we have ever had. The woman who came up with the steak tip sauce is the only person with the recipe and makes the sauce herself every day! Its a very big secret and we know why, because they are delicious! We highly recommend you stopping in the next time you find yourself on the south shore of boston.

Deans Picks: Chicken Pot Pie, Snug Basket

Kathleen Picks: Snug steak tips, Cranberry chicken salad wrap