Cohasset, MA

Burtons Grille

Ironically our favorite spot by far when we were stationed in Massachusetts was a Grille with our last name in the title. I won’t lie when I say this made us feel a bit at home as soon as we got there. I think the funniest part was how much Dean enjoyed calling and making a reservation “two for Burton please”. This just never got old for him. We really enjoyed the atmosphere at this local spot and were always impressed with the service. Great food and even better cocktails made this our top pick for date night.

Deans Picks: Ceasar salad, Steak Frites, and any seasonal Drinks (Harvest Sangria was our favorite)

Kathleens Picks: Ceasar salad followed by the Farmers market rigatoni

The Snug

This Irish pub was by far one of our favorite places to eat any night of the week. We discovered this place at a local food festival and discovered they had the most AMAZING steak tips we have ever had. The woman who came up with the steak tip sauce is the only person with the recipe and makes the sauce herself every day! Its a very big secret and we know why, because they are delicious! We highly recommend you stopping in the next time you find yourself on the south shore of boston.

Deans Picks: Chicken Pot Pie, Snug Basket

Kathleen Picks: Snug steak tips, Cranberry chicken salad wrap

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