Ruth 1:16


K- This is such an amazing reminder for me every day that my very first priority should always be Dean and our marriage. His job quite literally asks me to follow him everywhere and I think that would be really difficult if he wasn’t so considerate of this. Every time we are faced with a new location he is always trying to make sure that I think its the right move for us and if we will be happy there. Moving comes with its own struggle and being far from the people we love is so heartbreaking sometimes because you miss out on birthdays and holidays and the little things that provide you with lifelong memories. So sometimes its hard to consider places that will make you miss out on those memories. Its a huge blessing to have a spouse who understands this and I’m grateful that Dean is so accommodating. Its also much easier to choose this lifestyle because of how much Dean loves his job, and whenever I get frustrated with it I come back to this verse in Ruth and I’m reminded that every time I put my husband first God truly blesses our path.


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