I have been blessed to be able to visit my family every weekend during A-school. Normally you have to stand duty every certain amount of days. I am so thankful that my classmates are willing to switch around their schedules to allow me to go see Kathleen, the nugget, and the Hennessys. Sometimes it can be a boring ride, 4 hours one way without an iPod hookup, but it is so worth it once I get to see my love. I am very grateful that God has made this a part of our plan.


A-school is just another one of those things that comes with the military life. Another training, more separation, different struggles. God has really blessed us with a home with people we truly love and admire. Dean is advancing in his career with the Coast Guard and I have kind of the most amazing job ever. I could probably be a barista at Thanksalatte for the rest of my life if we are being honest here. Its definitely an adjustment not being in our own home because as we all know Luna is a bit… eccentric, but being in a place where we have so many friends who love us so well has been such a huge blessing and has made this transition very easy. Dean is seriously incredible and has come to visit me every week and I’m so lucky he loves luna that much. HA. Just kidding, he loves me more than our dog. I think…


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