Luna. That is our first childs name (and by child I mean our dog). But if you are a dog lover then you know what I mean. We needed a dog immediately after moving to Boston. This is because

1. Kathleen needed a friend while i was on duty and

2. Every home needs a wet nose and floppy ears to smooch

Kathleen and I had been talking about it for… basically as long as we had been together. We wanted a french bulldog at first. Kathleen did her research and started calling and emailing breeders. When nobody responded we decided to email a lab breeder for fun. She responded immediately and we knew we were meant to have a little black lab. We picked her up and drove her home, and while Kathleen was in the backseat holding this sleepy, warm, cuddly “nug” as she would call her, I knew she was the happiest wife on the planet.

IMG_0414  IMG_0416

Kathleen has poured a lot of time and heart into training Luna. Since I was on duty half of the time she took charge and trained Luna. I have to say I don’t think anyone could have done it better. For a 1 year old lab she is perfect. For some she is too much energy to handle but we love that about her. Luna has truly blessed our home and brings joy to us everyday.



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