Who’s crate is this anyway?


Dean and I have found that not everyone on this planet is on the same page as us when it comes to their dog. This could be because we have a very strange obsession with the baby that turns us into weirdos who ask her how her day has been when we get home, but I choose to believe its because we just love her more than anyone has ever loved their own dog. Obviously.

One morning I came out of the shower confused as to why there weren’t any curious paws trying to hop into the tub with me when I walked into something a little bit shocking. My husband, the man who I count on to keep our home safe and to be my protector, was sitting with an upside down Luna in his lap INSIDE her crate. Let me just clarify that not only was Luna in her crate but DEAN was inside her crate. He clearly heard me enter the room as the look of “I’ve been discovered” was plastered onto his face. We were both speechless. I guess he just assumed I would take forever to get ready (rude, however accurate) so he would have more time to hide this secret. That was when I realized that not only was my husband the love of my life but he was also ACTUALLY perfect for me. We laughed SO hard. Then I told Dean that I was also guilty of crawling in there a time or two myself.


Thats when you know your with the right person, when they just get your dog on levels no one else could understand.

Im so lucky to have Dean as a best friend because life is so fun with him.

Disclaimer: If you do not own a dog you may not understand, in order to fully grasp this concept the Burtons highly recommend you change that and get a dog. Today.


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