Love Language


Sometimes being a wife is the bomb, other times being a wife is still the bomb. I won’t lie, I think my husband makes it easier than it should be. There are times that I roll my eyes because he won’t stop asking for a PS4 but in the big scheme of things I got very lucky with who I chose to spend my life with. Dean and I have learned a lot in our 4 years together so I figured tonight I would share one of our saving graces with you.

When we were engaged we were introduced to the Five Love Languages which changed the ENTIRE dynamic of our relationship and to this day defines the way that we work as a couple. So let me explain.

Basically Gary Chapman explains that we as humans show our love in Five different ways


Dean is first and foremost Acts of Service, which means that he feels loved most when I do things like, cook him breakfast when he comes home from work or do his laundry, which if we are being honest is so easy because when your a boy EVERYTHING can go into the dryer which really seems unfair. Girl laundry takes a whole weekend and 423 hangers. But I digress…

My love language is words of affirmation followed closely by physical touch. For a long time I would try to show Dean I loved him with these things. I would tell him how much he meant to me, try to hold his hand, etc. Meanwhile Dean would do things like vacuum out my car. Clearly very romantic… haha. It wasn’t until Dean and I took the quiz that we realized how much time and energy we were wasting trying to love each other in ways that weren’t being received. It definitely took a lot of practice and a commitment to training yourself to do things a different way but so is marriage so looking back now I’m grateful for all the practice! Now neither of us is exhausted trying to make the other feel loved which gives us a whole extra ton of love to give! Marriage is constantly giving 100% and part of that is deciding to make YOURSELF better for your spouse. This also means constantly putting your spouse first. Thats a hard pill to swallow because that requires you to check your pride at the door. Every time we have done it though God has really blessed us and our marriage in ways we could have never imagined.

If you are married, in a relationship, or just too busy being great to date anyone EVERYONE should take this quiz. Its awesome to know not only your own but anyones. You’ll even start seeing peoples love languages just by being around them. Click the link to find out! You won’t regret it! Feel free to email us to tell us what you think of the quiz at


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