Merry Christmas!

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6

Christmas is here and I am so excited! Mostly because I haven’t had too much time to see family over the last 6 months and I plan to just relax with them over the holiday season. This seems like the perfect time to share my thoughts on Christmas. My dad did an awesome job telling me about Santa when I was starting to question if he was real. He explained that Santa can represent the act of giving. That there is no magical man that can travel the world giving gifts. I agree with that thought and want to add something. Christmas is a holiday to give LOVE to everyone. God loves us so that we will love others the same way. Christmas isn’t about gifts that bankrupt us. It’s not about rushing and stampeding each other for a better deal. 
Society and media have convinced us that we need to buy mass quantities of gifts that people really don’t need to bring them joy. I find that every person I talk to agrees with this but then we still go overboard. I think if we were to focus on love, we could better appreciate the holiday, and I’m sure our bank accounts would appreciate the holiday too. 

Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday! (Paired with easter) and I have been so grateful to be at home with my family this holiday season AND to have my husband home which is such a blessing. 
When I think about Christmas I get very easily overwhelmed. Ever since I was saved Christmas has had such a different meaning to me and has always brought a ton of emotion into the holiday. I think I am now fully aware of the greatness of this day. I am so grateful that God gave his son to us. This day always reminds me how much light Jesus brought to a world with so much darkness and I love to celebrate that in any way that I can whether it’s with lights, food, church, or time with family. It’s so easy to be distracted from all of this when you think of presents, and money and the stress of making everything work during the holiday but I have a husband who is constantly reminding me how blessed we are. He brings such a light to my life that I can see through his love for Christ. This year we decided not to exchange gifts because we just have so many things already. It has been so refreshing to just focus on enjoying time with each other especially in this huge transition we are about to go through. 
We have been so grateful for the wonderful feedback we have received through this blog and we are so glad that you all read. It’s so awesome knowing that so many people we know and love have been so encouraging through this crazy life we live! We love you, we’re grateful for you, and we hope that God blesses each of your lives this next year! 

Love always, the Burtons 



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