Luna on the go


If you know anything about our lives it’s that we travel A LOT, and of course that means that Luna travels a lot too. We are SO lucky that she is so great in the car for any amount of time. She has gotten so accustomed to this constant travel that she has her own special car routine. Our very first trip from Boston to Maryland with the three of us Luna of course had to ride in the backseat and if you have ever owned a lab you must know that any time spent away from their people (even just a few inches away…) is devastating to them. Not only does she feel completely alone but she gets very jealous when you speak to each other and she is not in the middle of you, which has ultimately resulted in her wiggling the front half of her body on top of the center console leaving her back legs and butt just chillin on the back seat.

For example:

This has become such a common occurance that we have started to position our arms, hands and sometimes even legs to accommodate her resting positions.

As much as this is probably an inconvenience at times we are glad to do it because she has become the best travel companion. When she does spend time in the back seat to enjoy a little window action, you can always count on kisses behind your ears. Which is always welcome!

We are so glad that with all our moves to come we have such a great pup by our side!


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