Luna and the king bed


This move was a bit tougher on the baby. I think between Deans training and visiting family we were not in our own home for so long that when we started our 3 day trip to Florida she was so stressed out that she made herself sick. It was really hard for Dean and I to see her like that so I couldn’t wait to get into a place for her to feel like we were finally home. It definitely has given us a small glimpse of what traveling with kids might be like one day! Overall I am so glad that we finally have settled in and I can tell Luna is feeling much more relaxed.

When we got Luna, the first few months she slept in her crate at night next to our bed so that if she started to cry for us I could reach down into her crate and she would sleep on my hand. Eventually when she was house trained we caved and decided we just couldn’t sleep without her. (if you haven’t realized by now luna runs our household)


Sleeping with Luna was always fun for us and most of the time provided a very funny source of entertainment in the mornings that Dean and I could laugh about. Several mornings we would both wake up before her and (while she slept upside down in between us) we would try not to laugh at her baby snores and take turns softly rubbing her belly.

This system was very fun and adorable until Luna reached 60 pounds and we realized that the three of us were sleeping in a FULL sized bed and that wasn’t going to fly for too much longer. We decided that when we moved we would use our bedroom furniture for the guest room and then buy our very first bedroom set! The decision to buy a king was not a difficult one for us. It was either a larger bed or Luna would need to sleep on the floor. The thought of that nearly made us weep. You see, once you wake up next to two little paws under your pillow that smell like Fritos (all dogs paws smell like Fritos just an fyi. I swear by it, go on and smell them.) you just can’t imagine waking up without them. I know for me its such a comfort having her in bed when Dean is away. Especially when a stranger breaks in to your house to come kill you and she perches herself on the edge of the bed until dawn growling like she will rip their arm off. In this particular instance it was actually the shower caddy in the bathroom falling into the tub with all the bottles of shampoo and conditioner rolling out but IT COULD HAVE BEEN A CRIMINAL. Needless to say she makes me feel very safe when Deans away lol.

The day our king set arrived and we made the bed it took Luna 2 hours to decide that from now until eternity this would be her new favorite place. In the midst of unpacking we realized we didn’t know where she had gone which in Luna terms means she has probably stolen something. We started our search and soon discovered our little baby



She is loving it so much and its so nice to see her feel so at home again. I love waking up next to her, and going to sleep hearing her snore. But mostly I love that all three of us get to be a snuggly family together in our new little oasis.





Thoughts on Florida


The Coast Guard is really amazing at making sure that families are taken care of. Surprisingly when I meet new people at my station they ask me “How is your wife doing down here?” At first I was shocked they were concerned about this, but then I realized they were genuinely curious about how she was adjusting.

Kathleen had a bit of a culture shock when we arrived, and by a “bit” I mean a huge shock. She has never been to Florida, even for vacation so I was super excited to see her experience so many firsts. During our first week here while we were house hunting I was secretly writing down things she was saying to me. Now when people ask how she’s adjusting I usually add one of her “sayings” into my answer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Wife.

“I bet oranges are so cheap down here”

“Its SOOO flat here. There are no hills…”

“The palms on the trees look like they are stapled on, don’t you think?”

“I really only like the tall palm trees, they look really clean and sophisticated.”

“Weather here is so nice”

“The grass looks fake…”

“Florida is so odd, Its like another country that I don’t understand yet.”

“What is that?!? Is that a lizard???”

(Kathleen would like it noted that lizards/iguanas in southern florida are GIANT and terrifying and any human in their right mind would want to cry when they see them)

I love that she didn’t know I was writing these things down when she was talking. I look forward to watching her continually experience “firsts” down here


stress and a grateful wife


My goal with this blog is to be as transparent as possible. The women who have taught me the most, did that by sharing their true selves with me.  One of the most amazing things my mom ever taught me was that I was allowed to feel whatever I wanted. That I’m allowed to be sad and thats ok. Its alright to be overwhelmed and still be incredibly strong. She also taught me to pick myself back up after and come through it stronger. When Dean and I were dating this is something he really needed to adapt to. He needed to learn that when I was overcome I needed time to be upset and be held, and then after I could see the bright side and start fresh.

Moving around so much has really been a test of our relationship. Yes it comes with new and exciting adventures, and a chance for us to make new friends and see new places. What a lot of people might not tell you is that it is SO hard. Sometimes I want to pack my bags and drive those 9-18 hours (however many they might be) and sit on my sisters couch to hear about their day. I want to run errands and be able to stop at my moms house for lunch so I can ask her how to marinate a chicken breast. I want to call my dad when Deans away and our car is making a weird sound. I want him to come over to fix it and then eat ice cream with me. These things are everyday struggles that most times I don’t realize, but other times overwhelm me.

This move has been the toughest for me. I had never been to Florida before last week, because of my skating history I’ve traveled to the north east dozens of times. It was territory I knew, and only a days drive. North Carolina was different. It was new but our friends live there so I was immediately surrounded by people who were eager to love me. This made the transition very easy. I made life long friends in both places and learned amazing things about myself. Florida was a complete mystery to me though. I was SO excited because I was ready for the sunshine, the palm trees, and the everyday vacation! What I had forgotten about though was how scary the first part is. Living out of a hotel when you have a dog is constant stress even when you think it isn’t, and when your house hunting in a new place you have to search through ALL the rejects before you can find the winner. I wish this was a one day process but it most certainly is not.

These things weigh heavy on us during the process. This is the perfect situation for our weaknesses to make their way to the surface. I have MANY and if it wasn’t for Deans patience and kind heart I don’t know if we would survive this lifestyle. We learn new things every time we move and I can honestly say that Dean has caught on quick. He knows when I just need a hug or when I need many words of encouragement.

My turning point during this move came after our movers arrived and we started to unpack. I quickly realized how little space we had in the kitchen. I have a LOT of gadgets and bakeware because I LOVE to cook. I started counting the ways that this kitchen was not perfect and making a mental note in my head of everything I didn’t like. However when DEAN realized this he didn’t get angry with me for how ungrateful I was being (which I was). Instead he started coming up with unique ways to display our pots and pans to save me space in the cabinets. He even offered to build me extra shelves. I had been so negative and he saw I just needed some inspiration to love this kitchen. I soon realized I didn’t need to love this kitchen because I loved this man, and that made me so grateful for a kitchen to cook meals for us to share. Sometimes I lose sight of what God created for me, and what he knew I would need.



Though I know this house will never be perfect, this house is not my home. My home is Dean and Luna, and I am so grateful for the reminders God sends to keep my eyes fixed on Him.

I hope to be a wise woman who builds her home, not a foolish one who tears it down!


Move to Florida part 2



When we started looking for houses we quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be as easy as it has been in the past. We were stuck with choosing between picking a not so nice home in a decent neighborhood or choosing a lovely home in an area that did not look so safe. This was difficult because we were a bit out of our element as neither of us had spent nearly any time at all in South Florida and to be honest it is a whole different world down here. After 6 days and nearly 60 apartments/townhouse/homes we finally decided on a townhouse in an awesome community that even has its own doggie park for the baby!

Some of the things we encountered in the “scarier” homes made us laugh so hard that we nearly lost it. At one point it looked so bleak that we were joking about living in our car.

Our biggest dilemma was that we wanted a house so that the baby could have a yard to play in but we just couldn’t get anything in a safe area that we liked, and we didn’t see anything SO incredible that we were willing to give that up.

When we drove into our new complex we loved that it was in a beautiful area and was very mellow. The women in the office told us to bring Luna in with us and they had a field day with her. When we found out they had their own park for her to play in we were sold!

This was definitely a stressful time for us but we can honestly say we are so psyched about our new home and we can’t wait for all our friends and family to come visit and enjoy the sunshine as much as we are!

A special shout out to anyone and everyone who prayed for us during this time, Especially my mom for praying BOLDLY! We are so grateful for all of you!



-Kathleen would like it noted that as stressful as this whole dilemma was she did not cry once.

Move to Florida part 1


So we have officially arrived in Florida and it has been one crazy trip so far.  We are so grateful for all of the support our families have given us and for the prayers that have been sent our way.

Monday started like any other Burton road trip, late…. Its not our fault! We are just very laid back and sometimes that means that things happen in a bit of a wild way. Our goal was to leave around 10am and we rolled out of the driveway shortly after at 1:30pm. Oops.

We made it to our first destination in Holly Springs North Carolina that evening to stay with our friends and were fed a delicious dinner followed by some fun games before we went to bed. We spent the next day catching up with friends and revisiting our favorite spots. We woke up Wednesday and Luna was extremely sick. We planned to leave that morning but had to take a detour to the vets office to find out that Luna was a bit stressed out and had some severe gas. Yikes! They put her on some nausea meds and we packed up and headed out!

We arrived in Jacksonville, FL that evening around 10 to our hotel and went right to bed. The next morning we had a delicious breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe before we left on our last leg of the trip. (insert Kathleen’s amazement of palm trees here). Thursday we arrived in south Florida and it was SO WARM! Luna was so excited about the windows rolling down that she probably ate a dozen bugs. Once we checked into our hotel in Miami we grabbed some dinner and started really diving into the house hunt online. This part is a lengthy process but thats what these moves require so we have to stay focused.