Move to Florida part 1


So we have officially arrived in Florida and it has been one crazy trip so far.  We are so grateful for all of the support our families have given us and for the prayers that have been sent our way.

Monday started like any other Burton road trip, late…. Its not our fault! We are just very laid back and sometimes that means that things happen in a bit of a wild way. Our goal was to leave around 10am and we rolled out of the driveway shortly after at 1:30pm. Oops.

We made it to our first destination in Holly Springs North Carolina that evening to stay with our friends and were fed a delicious dinner followed by some fun games before we went to bed. We spent the next day catching up with friends and revisiting our favorite spots. We woke up Wednesday and Luna was extremely sick. We planned to leave that morning but had to take a detour to the vets office to find out that Luna was a bit stressed out and had some severe gas. Yikes! They put her on some nausea meds and we packed up and headed out!

We arrived in Jacksonville, FL that evening around 10 to our hotel and went right to bed. The next morning we had a delicious breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe before we left on our last leg of the trip. (insert Kathleen’s amazement of palm trees here). Thursday we arrived in south Florida and it was SO WARM! Luna was so excited about the windows rolling down that she probably ate a dozen bugs. Once we checked into our hotel in Miami we grabbed some dinner and started really diving into the house hunt online. This part is a lengthy process but thats what these moves require so we have to stay focused.





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