Move to Florida part 2



When we started looking for houses we quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be as easy as it has been in the past. We were stuck with choosing between picking a not so nice home in a decent neighborhood or choosing a lovely home in an area that did not look so safe. This was difficult because we were a bit out of our element as neither of us had spent nearly any time at all in South Florida and to be honest it is a whole different world down here. After 6 days and nearly 60 apartments/townhouse/homes we finally decided on a townhouse in an awesome community that even has its own doggie park for the baby!

Some of the things we encountered in the “scarier” homes made us laugh so hard that we nearly lost it. At one point it looked so bleak that we were joking about living in our car.

Our biggest dilemma was that we wanted a house so that the baby could have a yard to play in but we just couldn’t get anything in a safe area that we liked, and we didn’t see anything SO incredible that we were willing to give that up.

When we drove into our new complex we loved that it was in a beautiful area and was very mellow. The women in the office told us to bring Luna in with us and they had a field day with her. When we found out they had their own park for her to play in we were sold!

This was definitely a stressful time for us but we can honestly say we are so psyched about our new home and we can’t wait for all our friends and family to come visit and enjoy the sunshine as much as we are!

A special shout out to anyone and everyone who prayed for us during this time, Especially my mom for praying BOLDLY! We are so grateful for all of you!



-Kathleen would like it noted that as stressful as this whole dilemma was she did not cry once.

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