Thoughts on Florida


The Coast Guard is really amazing at making sure that families are taken care of. Surprisingly when I meet new people at my station they ask me “How is your wife doing down here?” At first I was shocked they were concerned about this, but then I realized they were genuinely curious about how she was adjusting.

Kathleen had a bit of a culture shock when we arrived, and by a “bit” I mean a huge shock. She has never been to Florida, even for vacation so I was super excited to see her experience so many firsts. During our first week here while we were house hunting I was secretly writing down things she was saying to me. Now when people ask how she’s adjusting I usually add one of her “sayings” into my answer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Wife.

“I bet oranges are so cheap down here”

“Its SOOO flat here. There are no hills…”

“The palms on the trees look like they are stapled on, don’t you think?”

“I really only like the tall palm trees, they look really clean and sophisticated.”

“Weather here is so nice”

“The grass looks fake…”

“Florida is so odd, Its like another country that I don’t understand yet.”

“What is that?!? Is that a lizard???”

(Kathleen would like it noted that lizards/iguanas in southern florida are GIANT and terrifying and any human in their right mind would want to cry when they see them)

I love that she didn’t know I was writing these things down when she was talking. I look forward to watching her continually experience “firsts” down here



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