Luna and the king bed


This move was a bit tougher on the baby. I think between Deans training and visiting family we were not in our own home for so long that when we started our 3 day trip to Florida she was so stressed out that she made herself sick. It was really hard for Dean and I to see her like that so I couldn’t wait to get into a place for her to feel like we were finally home. It definitely has given us a small glimpse of what traveling with kids might be like one day! Overall I am so glad that we finally have settled in and I can tell Luna is feeling much more relaxed.

When we got Luna, the first few months she slept in her crate at night next to our bed so that if she started to cry for us I could reach down into her crate and she would sleep on my hand. Eventually when she was house trained we caved and decided we just couldn’t sleep without her. (if you haven’t realized by now luna runs our household)


Sleeping with Luna was always fun for us and most of the time provided a very funny source of entertainment in the mornings that Dean and I could laugh about. Several mornings we would both wake up before her and (while she slept upside down in between us) we would try not to laugh at her baby snores and take turns softly rubbing her belly.

This system was very fun and adorable until Luna reached 60 pounds and we realized that the three of us were sleeping in a FULL sized bed and that wasn’t going to fly for too much longer. We decided that when we moved we would use our bedroom furniture for the guest room and then buy our very first bedroom set! The decision to buy a king was not a difficult one for us. It was either a larger bed or Luna would need to sleep on the floor. The thought of that nearly made us weep. You see, once you wake up next to two little paws under your pillow that smell like Fritos (all dogs paws smell like Fritos just an fyi. I swear by it, go on and smell them.) you just can’t imagine waking up without them. I know for me its such a comfort having her in bed when Dean is away. Especially when a stranger breaks in to your house to come kill you and she perches herself on the edge of the bed until dawn growling like she will rip their arm off. In this particular instance it was actually the shower caddy in the bathroom falling into the tub with all the bottles of shampoo and conditioner rolling out but IT COULD HAVE BEEN A CRIMINAL. Needless to say she makes me feel very safe when Deans away lol.

The day our king set arrived and we made the bed it took Luna 2 hours to decide that from now until eternity this would be her new favorite place. In the midst of unpacking we realized we didn’t know where she had gone which in Luna terms means she has probably stolen something. We started our search and soon discovered our little baby



She is loving it so much and its so nice to see her feel so at home again. I love waking up next to her, and going to sleep hearing her snore. But mostly I love that all three of us get to be a snuggly family together in our new little oasis.






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