Our little adventurer!


One of the biggest adjustments I have had to make moving to South Florida (or soflo as they say) has been the reptiles. They are EVERYWHERE. Tiny lizards, Iguanas the size of my left leg (though I haven’t seen a gator yet) and every size in between. These little creatures are always scurrying out of bushes and under your feet and if you were to ask my South Florida friends they will tell you I am NOT A FAN. On multiple occasions I have embarrassed myself by jumping, screaming, and even tripping over myself to escape them. I continue to hope that this quality is endearing to my new friends but I’m not quite sure that is the case.

Penelope however LOVES these little guys and is always on the lookout. Every time she goes outside she is always peering into the bushes and under cars trying to find one to chase. On the bright side being that our washer and dryer are in the garage “sigh” I am able to bring her with me to protect me. I would bring Luna but we all know she can’t go anywhere that isn’t “childproof” because she is a danger to herself. #labproblems

Penelope has become such an important member of our family and its so fun to see her personality develop. I have never doubted for a second that we were meant to find her because she fits our family so well. Its funny too because initially she was a very shy and reserved little girl and as time has gone by she has really come out of her shell and gotten comfortable with us and with Luna.

Another way she has fit in so well is by bonding so closely with Dean. Luna and I have had a very special bond from the day we got her being that we have never been apart and as much as Luna LOVES Dean she is for sure my dog. That is not something I realized until we got Penelope. Now I have some insight on what its like to be second favorite and as much as I thought that would be sad the fact that we both have a little one who adores us has been so fun. Don’t get me wrong I KNOW that Penelope loves me and Luna loves Dean so no hard feelings here! This doesn’t surprise me either because Penelope is very adventurous! She and Dean run after lizards anytime they see one and it is the goofiest thing I’ve ever seen. They both are much more wild than Luna and I who prefer to run away from lizards, frogs, loud noises, and Dean sneaking up on us multiple times a day.


Regardless she has transitioned extremely well and our family seems to have the perfect pup to human ratio that things really couldn’t be more fun in our home and we can’t wait to see all the fun we will get to have with them both in the years to come.

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