Home sweet florida home


Lets start this post by saying that the home we currently own is absolutely the home that God wanted us to buy. There are so many reasons that we feel this way but we will start at the beginning to give you the whole story, because its a good one.

So here we go!

When we decided to humor the idea of buying a home we weren’t really committed to the process, see these days its not common to buy when you are as young as we are and they don’t really educate you on what buying a home looks like when you’re in high school so we went in pretty skeptical. For the most part when Dean and I are on the fence of a big life decision we try to leave it up to God to guide us so we don’t do something he doesn’t want.(we also hate making decisions so we always let Him take that stress) plus, Gods plan always blesses us WAY more than our own.

The way this works for us we have found is that if we are moving in the right direction things sort of fall into place, however, if we are veering off the right path God seems to put up a roadblock at EVERY turn (which we are always grateful for!) So we decided that this shouldn’t be any different. We came up with a list of what we wanted and what we needed in a home and if those needs weren’t met then we weren’t supposed to buy. A much easier concept for us to accept as opposed to the realtors we had worked with who thought we were crazy. Sorry guys!

So in May we decided to bite the bullet and start a search and hoped God would pave a way for us! What we discovered however was that finding the perfect house is HARD! Surprised? HA so were we! But unlike a normal home search we needed to find a house that wouldn’t be our forever home, just a temporary one. Within two months we had put multiple offers on homes that either ended up having issues once we got to the inspection, or just rejected our offer outright. God seemed to be telling us that he was not thrilled with this path and we were definitely feeling discouraged. Dean and I sat down and talked about our options because we needed to be closer to base but were feeling that buying was not happening for us and decided to start looking at rentals again. At this point we were halfway through July and Deans brothers and sister in law (Alyssa) were at our house visiting. We saw a rental listing posted by a fellow coasties friend who is a south florida realtor and called to see if it was still available. We had met this woman before once at a friends party and so when she told us the rental was taken we asked if she had anything else. Once she found out we had been looking to buy previously she decided right then and there that she was going to find us a house. (meanwhile Dean and I rolled our eyes because we didn’t think anyone could find us what we wanted) but we humored her. I sent her a few listings Alyssa and I had found the next day and she sent me some back. One home I sent her had only been on the market for 24 hours and I told her, this is it, I want it. So she called the owner and OF COURSE there were more than 10 offers on the house and people offering over the listing price. I couldn’t stop thinking about this house so Alyssa and I decided I needed a break from all of the stress and she took me shopping. While we were searching the racks at TJ Maxx Joelle called me and said “If you want this house I can get it for you, but you need to come and see it right now.” So of course Alyssa and I ran out to the car to pick up the guys at home and off we went to see this house. I was a nutcase the entire drive and I told Dean that if this wasn’t it that I was done looking because it was too much for me. We arrived at the house and I walked through the front door and did a lap throughout the house in about a minute and thirty seconds. Yup, I wanted it. I told Joelle and she walked us through our next steps.

In the weeks following EVERY single detail fell into place. All of our needs, so many of our wants, and a realtor who literally FOUGHT for us. She took all of the stress and made it her mission to make us happy. There is no doubt in our minds that God placed this home in our laps. We prayed for weeks for him to provide a home that he wanted us in, and for him to reveal that to us and he PROVIDED in ways we never could have imagined. Our home is beautiful, and the layout is so well setup for the girls to run and play and have space. It is cozy but spacious and THE LAUNDRY IS NOT IN THE GARAGE WHICH MEANS NO LIZARDS. Praise God Y’all!

You see, even though we had to endure a season of uncertainty and waiting, God came through in a way we never imagined and blessed us with more than we asked for. I will be the first to say that my level of patience is not something to brag about and sometimes a huge stumbling block for me. Hopefully I can learn from this experience that Gods timing is always better than mine, and brings exactly what I need when I don’t even know what that is.

We are praying that God blesses our home so much and uses it to his glory.

And to all of our family and friends who encouraged us during this process we are SO GRATEFUL for you and the love you have sent us! We can’t wait to have visitors!

And last but not least we would like to send a special shout out to our realtor who is AMAZING. Dean and I can not stop singing her praises because she works so hard and was a true blessing in this process. She is driven, inspired, and so passionate about her job and for that I will recommend her to anyone and everyone. Joelle WE LOVE YOU! ( Find her info below and let her know we sent you!)


“As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” -Joshua 24:15

Joelle Eisner



Majestic Realty LLC