When and Why the Burtons got Oily.




So I’m sure by now all my friends and family have seen that Dean and I have started incorporating Essential Oils into our life and with so many questions about them I feel led to share why.

Almost a year ago I lost my sweet friend Madison. We had just bought our house and then shortly after found out Maddie was being transferred to home hospice. Dean and I decided that we were going to do whatever we needed to do to get to Texas and see her. So that evening we booked our flights and spent 3 days saying goodbye to someone I loved very much. Though I have no regrets and we count our blessings every day that we were able to see her before she passed away, it happened very quickly and required some last minute expensive purchases on our credit card. Let me just reiterate, worth. every. penny.

The following weekend I was invited to an essential oils party that I had already rsvp’ed to and if you know anything about me you know I HATE canceling on something I’ve committed to, it seriously drives me nuts. So I arrive at this “sip and sniff” party with all of these strange hippie oils to be polite and I start to smell these delicious scents and I think to myself “well I guess these seem fun, like a candle”.

I was wrong.

My now wonderful friend Frankie told all of us she was going to “scan” us to see what oils we could benefit from on her Zyto machine. So I’m thinking ok sure why not. I scanned for 2 oils. Oola Family and Oola Finance. Not only was I a mess internally but now everyone knew and I was shocked how spot on this silly machine was.

Before I could compose myself I was a pile of tears. I started to spill out all of the stress and heaviness I was feeling from all of our recent expenses, the hurt from losing one of my very closest friends and the overall frustrations of trying to have a baby for years with no success. YALL I NEEDED OILS!!! If my coast guard friends didn’t know me before they surely knew me then haha. (Shout out to all the women who were there that night who completely loved on me in a way I desperately needed.) God is seriously amazing in how he provides.

I told Frankie I was convinced and wanted to try oils myself because lets be honest, I had nothing to lose. Shortly after starting to use oils we got pregnant with Blair. Perfect timing because when your pregnant you literally can not use ANY medication and it seemed that oils were a great option to turn to to help support the systems in my body.

Pregnancy was ROUGH on my body. I was so sick for most of it and my immune system was taken over by this little one who needed it for herself. Enter oils! I had the flu twice before I realized I wasn’t taking advantage of these wonderful oils that I had at my disposal so I decided being that they were really my only option to help support my body (again, not allowed to use drugs while your preggo…) I better start taking advantage of them. Starting then I was using thieves on my feet and spine, lavender on my pillow, and peppermint on my tongue! Call it a coincidence but my immune system felt better than ever and with the addition of these little magic bottles I was sleeping better and enjoying my pregnancy in every aspect. Just an fyi, sleeping while your pregnant is no easy feat. Cause I was LARGE! Lavender and my pregnancy pillow were my two besties. Also shout out to Super B’s and Ningxia Zing for literally helping me survive pregnancy. #youtherealmvp


Fast forward to the night I was induced. When we went in I was excited and nervous and Dean was of course making me laugh the entire time, but as I was getting changed and into my hospital bed I was hit with a huge wave of fear. I am not good with needles and I was being poked and prodded and covered in IV’s and monitors. I started to get very uneasy and after the nurses left our room I was just a puddle of tears. It was all incredibly overwhelming for me and not what I expected. I wasn’t feeling heard with our first nurse and this was very stressful for me. Dean definitely caught on to this and without me knowing he filled my diffuser with Peace and Calming, Orange and Stress Away. Peace and Calming and Stress away for emotional support and Orange for courage. After this he got down in front of me on the floor while I was sitting on the side of my bed in tears and just covered me in prayer. Can you say #husbandgoals because I surely can. I was feeling so much relief over the next few moments. Within the next few hours God brought us a new nurse (who may have been an actual angel), an epidural and a spirit of confidence and peace. From that moment on my delivery was probably one of the most incredible memories I will ever have. Praise God!

We have been using oils in our home since we brought Blair home on all of us. Blair sleeps 6-8 hour stretches at night, is an incredibly happy child and Dean and I have enjoyed every moment of parenthood.

So though I may have thought oils were a joke in the beginning, they have proven me wrong consistently and brought us abundance in many aspects of our life. So HOW could I possibly not share something that has changed our life in such a positive? Its impossible. I won’t stop because I know that these little bottles work, I know that they have improved our life and if I can bring any of that abundance or joy to another family while also giving them the option to bring SAFER products into their homes and lives then I am so blessed to be able to do that and I thank God every day for that blessing. Jesus brought oils into our home for a reason and I’m so grateful every day to him.


Because you know…



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