About Us


About Dean, by Kathleen

Dean is a follower of Jesus, a US Coast Guardsman, and an amazing husband. He is probably one of the most honest men you will ever meet. I always tell people if you want to know how Dean feels about something, just ask him. I am sure you will discover this and come to love it as you read. Dean is such an incredible leader of our marriage and even though I would follow him anywhere blind, he never makes a decision without making sure I am on board. He has such a heart of service and is always serving others in any way he can, especially me. I have to say though when people ask me what my favorite thing about my husband is, the first thing that comes to mind every time is how much he makes me laugh. In our year and a half of marriage I have been filled with such a constant joy that sometimes I have to stop and ask myself if life is this good. Now I am not saying that marriage doesn’t come with ups and downs and a husband who prefers CEREAL over Lemon chiffon cupcakes with a whipped Raspberry cream cheese frosting made FROM SCRATCH by his wife, BUT when satan tries to threaten our marriage I am grateful to have a husband who fights with me, not against me.

About Kathleen, by Dean

Kathleen is a fashion and beauty entrepreneur. She has been a makeup artist, beauty product sales lead, esthetician, and most recently she has become a Stylist for Stella and Dot. She continues to amaze me with the amount of knowledge and passion in these fields. She is also a very emotional human, ready to cry at a moments notice (usually at very cute and happy things). She is always ready to be “your friend” meaning she will hang out with you at any time just so you don’t have to be alone. She has taken that a bit further in our relationship and has always been the most supportive wife I have ever seen. She is the example of how a Christian wife is meant to follow her husband. She has quite literally followed me everywhere with the Coast Guard with no hesitation, and her trust of Gods plan constantly guides our decisions. Kathleen is constantly filled with so much joy that it can’t help but flow into your life as well. Even the times when you want to be upset she can really annoy you with how positive she is. You could break your arm and her first response would be “at least you didn’t break both arms!” Thats how i knew I wanted to marry her so early on.


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