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When we started this blog our main goal was to keep our family and friends updated on our life. We also wanted to express and share our passion for happy and healthy marriages. God has really led us to this ministry and we decided we really wanted to be apart of building others up in their marriages.

One of the reasons we feel so strongly about this is because of the influence others have had on us and our relationship. There are many couples who have inspired us, encouraged us, and given us countless building blocks to establish a firm foundation for our marriage. We felt it so important to communicate in this blog that…

The Burtons didn’t figure out marriage on their own!

What! I know, your shocked. But seriously, every day we incorporate lessons we have learned from others. They have been amazing examples of all the qualities that make marriage great. I think the best example of something we use and think about EVERY day comes from one of our favorite couples. Bob and Sonya came into our lives when we were dating and without knowing it they taught us our number one piece of advice we give to all couples we meet.

Always, always, ALWAYS speak positively about your spouse. ALL. THE. TIME.

The more you build up your spouse to others, the more it reinforces to yourself how incredible they are. It is so much easier to love your spouse when you focus on all their positive qualities. You always want people to see your spouse the way you do and talking about them in a negative way can not only influence one’s opinion of them but it can eventually ruin yours. Just imagine if you stumbled upon your spouse having a conversation with someone about yourself. What would you want to hear?

We have known Bob and Sonya for almost 4 years and we have only heard them speak wonderful things about each other. It has been such an encouragement to the way we love each other.

That being said as a NEW ADDITION to the blog we are going to be featuring a married couple once a month who is a great example of something to learn from. WE ARE SO EXCITED to start this new column.  As excited as we have been to share our hearts with you and teach lessons through this blog, we have learned so much from others and can’t wait to continue to build up our own relationship through you. Marriage requires a commitment to constantly improve and hopefully our blog can make that FUN. Ultimately  you should strive for a deeper relationship with your spouse.

So, How does this work?

First, we want other people to have the opportunity to share on this blog. We want to hear if their is something that is very important to you and your marriage. We also want to hear about other couples who have influenced your relationship in a positive way. This gives us the opportunity to learn from each other and to find new ways to build on our foundations.

To submit to the column please email the following information to  hisbootshershoes@gmail.com

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